Something a B-Band Converter? Every brand new DIRECTV HIGH DEFINITION TV device will be sent with a bit of technology installed on the air stimulant guiding the device.

Something a B-Band Converter? Every brand new DIRECTV HIGH DEFINITION TV device will be sent with a bit of technology installed on the air stimulant guiding the device.

These little devices are referred to as B-band converters. A B-band converter is going to need if you’d like to get any Ka band programs from your Ka satellite located at 102.7 levels, aka 103. To comprehend the B-band converter, you need to understand how satellite indicators tend to be marketed from the dish/LNB towards air receivers.

Much more satellite route capacity was created on the the previous many years through element of more satellites and dishes for a number of air simultaneously. Both Dish community and DIRECTV have acquired ranges means to send those indicators to your owners built-in Receiver Decoder (IRD). Referred to as the air radio package on top of the television.

Meal community is promoting an entire assortment of changes and LNB engineering to handle their demands. More on Recipe Community Development.

DIRECTV developed their own personal ways to alter between satellites utilizing just one dish or a series of dishes and a switch box, commonly named a Multi-Switch.

DIRECTV employs three main satellites because of their heart development and some further satellites for sending of hometown networks. The main satellites tends to be 101, 110 and 119. DIRECTV has only a few programs on 119 and 110. The LNB’s to the plate merged these impulses in order to create one particular list of stations. The networks acquired by 101 while the 110/119 combination tend to be transformed into an intermediate consistency (IF) for transport into the IRD for sign decoding. By transforming the indicators to less frequency array, a smaller sized cable may be used. Without using an IF, the wire out of your recipe for our radio is 1/2″ in length and will have to get quick.

The IF for DIRECTV 101 and 110/119 LNB’s is definitely 950-1450 MHZ. Since both 101 and 110/119 utilize the same IF, the radio must inform the LNB, or change, which gang of networks it needs, either 101 or 110/119. The IRD performs this by delivering a 22 KHz tone down the coax. Whenever LNB or alter sensation the 22KHz overall tone, it turns the should on the 110/119 station people.

DIRECTV lately begin making use of Ka group satellites. These unique satellites will allow DIRECTV to significantly enhance the quantity of HIGH-DEFINITION TELEVISION local programming to hometown market. Whilst the typical Ku-band 101,110, and 119 satellites shown a 500 MHZ wider indicate. The Ka-band satellites can send an entire 1000 MHZ large indicate spread over two groups. Ka-High (19.7 – 20.2 GHz )and Ka-Low (18.3 – 18.8). The IF of these two artists was 1650 – 2150 MHz when it comes to Ka-High and 250 MHz – 750MHz for the Ka-Low. Respectfully called the A-band and so the B-band.

Brand new DIRECTV IRD’s are designed for obtaining and procedures IF tells through the A-band. To obtain and plan B-band signals, a converter is needed to up switch the B-band impulses for the A-band, consequently changing the man A-band impulses with that from the B-band. The IRD changes the B-band ripping tools utilizing the same 22 KHz alert used to turn from 101 to 110/119. Whenever the 22KHz overall tone occurs, the radio can undertaking the B-band tells, today upconverted to A-band, by process these people into the A-band (1650-2150 MHz) IF. Once the 22 KHz overall tone are turned off, the converter makes it possible for the A-band to feed to your device.

The stand below programs which satellite/channel group is chosen with all the 22KHz overall tone.

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