Pet’s Accessories in Gullele

Pet’s Accessories in Gullele
Pet's Accessories in Gullele

Sidney Crosby is on the move, moving from Vancouver to San Francisco, and is set to become the league’s lone member of the Calder family. Crosby told Sportsnet’s Jeff Darlington he is ready to go up against other great talents in the league, including a Hall of Famer like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

“I’ve talked today with all the young guys out there like I’ve talked with them,” Crosby said Monday. “They’ve been very accommodating, very nice. There’s no doubt in my mind. As I say I’ve been talking to the other guys and trying to figure out what my priorities are and try to get there.”

Crosby got a chance Monday morning after his team, the Kings, held a meeting on the subject of a trade deadline, and found out that, in addition to being a Stanley Cup winner, he will be playing to his reputation as a player.

“It’s a great organization. I’m a great, great fan and I always felt like the game is a division and the fans are loyal; you have to respect their passion for hockey,” Crosby said. “There are really few guys that I have done more for the organization in my career than I do today.”
Crosby is expected to return to the Kings for their Feb. 16 game in San Francisco. “I’m going to start right away,” Crosby said.