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Oxford English and Spanish Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Spanish to English Translator

1 a kind of sexual desire where fulfillment are attached to an unusual stage to a specific items, goods of garments, section of the human anatomy, etc.

  • a leg fetish
  • Often times, consumers went to the communities selecting happiness of certain fetishes just like the must communicate with a woman that will be prominent to possess general basic public humiliation or disquiet.
  • we probably couldnt worry less regarding their consensual, mature intimate fetishes.
  • No, the audience is referring to that twilight realm of odd fetishes and romantic techniques.
  • right listed below are reactions to your issues about appeal, sex, mindcontrol, base fetishes and many other things.
  • Necrophile attractions keeping in mind as well as other paraphilic intimate fetishes tend to manifest younger.
  • Erogenous places should really be distinguished from intimate fetishes.
  • Within remake of Frank Capras Mr. Deeds visits city, Adam Sandlers inheritance include John Turturro as being a butler with a fetish for maless legs.
  • She rapidly finds out of a belowground culture of sexual intercourse addicts, directed by Knoxville, who are able to talk about absolutely nothing to fulfill their different close aspirations and fetishes.
  • When you look at the course, we taken a look into a broad range of passionate fetishes including the unnerving to your genuinely horrifying towards baffling.
  • He noted that intimate fetishes, in spite of just how unusual they could show up, was in fact a manifestation of your respective individuality.
  • Must you comprehend a tick-list among these personal fetishes?
  • As possible note, theres no reference to intimate fetishes or dreams of any type.
  • Their bondage art usually catches that exact artistic we previously defined, that I beginning contemplating almost a fetish in as well as by itself.
  • 1.1 an excessive and irrational dedication or devotion to something try specific.
  • i usually had a fetish for coconut and lamingtons was sealed with coconut…
  • They felt as though she have a fetish for tiny Manila records.
  • A billionaire that has a fetish for big structures and computerized work environments had not been prone to do a lot meditation.
  • She had a fetish for fixing items up as long as they would not take a look appropriate.
  • I practiced a fetish for basketball till 8th level, and was the top lady within the school at it.
  • The nation-head must workout practices before generally making specific health fetishes into exactly what come to be government comments.
  • Very first lower, one among my favorite movie fetishes is originating back once again, big style.
  • The author include a fetish for war-machines, if at all possible traditional types, as well as the manual is done completely to increase their own enjoyment.
  • The top Minister, who typically seems to render a fetish of revealing that energy is not incompatible with panache, is (or higher their own spokesman reports) a rocks buff.
  • Everybody else walks in dark, with ways which may have be fetishes.
  • Concerning the fulltime we must have now been working with grownup responsibilities we generated a fetish of resisting the facilities.
  • 2 An inanimate object worshipped for any envisioned capabilities which are magical since it is regarded as inhabited with a character.


    Very early seventeenth century (originally denoting an item employed by the people of western Africa being an amulet or charm): from French fetiche, from Portuguese feitico appeal, sorcery (originally an adjective definition from ways), from Latin facticius (discover factitious).

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