no. 3. POSITION THE SUPERMONKEY The Supermonkey features perhaps one of the most strong enhancements in Bloons Adventure

no. 3. POSITION THE SUPERMONKEY The Supermonkey features perhaps one of the most strong enhancements in Bloons Adventure

Time TD are Heroic feeling which makes all enhancements of figures in range economical.

The Supermonkey need placed in the center of wherever you’re attending put the rest of your figures, this makes sure they bring the benefits associated with Heroic Aura.

Putting the Supermonkey in centremost spot will help ensure that could snipe bloons from any direction, especially if you possess Disarming Charisma update.


Put the fire Princess as near to the start as you possibly can with all the goal of maintaining their in variety of Princess Bubblegum, Jake and/or Marceline.

The fire Princess must be the basic dynamics to touch bloons/attack bloons, especially if you have the said Cannon rod complete on her behalf. Because the fire Princess keeps Flamebits and also the greater part of the girl updates consider incorporating number and problems, there’s absolutely no reason to consider setting their in early stages inside “kill-box.”

Indeed, putting the fire Princess earlier in the day in the chart may help your increase upon problems with all the fire Princess

as bloons on the in the past about may mix after dark fire Princess for an additional energy. Though bloons can double-cross the fire Princess, chances are you will not need this should you decide deal enough scratches.

For individuals experiencing BAD takedown or bloons dripping outside of the chart, i recommend taking Marceline as the woman is reliable to utilize and certainly will pursue bloons and MOABs.

We greatly connect Marceline and Jake because they can both getting equally as powerful dependant on just what ornaments and weaponry your place on all of them.

It’s usually a good concept for one personality that buffs the rest, particularly if you posses various characters being more advanced than other individuals using the trinkets and updates you really have for them.

Putting a promote fictional character early will help warranty that the assistance character encloses all allies within its assortment, ensuring your buff as numerous figures as is possible. Unless you have enough harm now, relocate to the next step and return.


I really like Commander Cassie. She’s exceedingly powerful sufficient reason for a Jetpack you can use this lady on just about any map, making the map substantially easier.

Leader Cassie has got the the majority of map coverage in the video game along with her strength M.A.F. and with C4 Charlie by this lady side, she can update the girl Bloontonium ideas to become a Mounted Mauler which offers higher damage against all MOABs.

C4 Charlie offers remarkable damage together MOAB Mauler when the woman is levelled up she will be able to incorporate a dynamic skill MOAB Assassin which deals substantial harm to MOABs.

If you do not posses a Jetpack, i’d switch leader Cassie out for Marceline and C4 Charlie out for maximum.


At this point into the map you need to have almost all of the angles secure, however should be smart about in which you put figures such as the Ice King, Sai, Sam, or Max.

I suggest producing your focus the MOABs and BADs since amount modifiers aren’t scary sufficient for you yourself to need to bother about anything else.

If you have a levelled up Max with close ornaments i would suggest pairing him with Sam and Sai.

Unfortunately, the Ice King does not deal a whole lot of damage with his slowly is actually unneeded, specifically if you have a trinket to reduce bloons and MOABs on another personality.

The only time I take the Ice King is if he is a much higher level, which he currently is for me at the time of writing this.


In the event that you stick to the guidelines above you need to be able to execute Bridge and Tower on any game trouble.

Should you ever think you’re planning to shed the rounded make use of the spell measurement Disruptor that may damage every bloons in the field and provide you with straight back your overall health.

Measurement Disruptor is very ideal for progression content material and only bills 1000 coins to utilize.

Therefore I’m fascinated, how hard do you discover connection and Tower? Who do you simply take in to the map? Let me know inside opinions below!

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