Man Attempts Convincing Girlfriend That “All Men” Need Grindr To Their Devices

Man Attempts Convincing Girlfriend That “All Men” Need Grindr To Their Devices

Generally speaking, the “but all guys take action!” reason should really be simply for waking up at full-alert or tearing up during The Shawshank Redemption.

It will maybe not, under any situations, getting the right answer to practical question “so why do you’ve got Grindr on your own cell?”

Especially if the people asking that matter is actually the sweetheart regarding the guy being questioned.

But these is the situation for example justifiably mislead young woman whom recently confronted her “straight” date about the reason why the tiny lime icon is put away in the cellphone.

“So the other day i then found out that my personal boyfriend of like four years got downloaded Grindr (shamefully I was searching through their phone). He didn’t posses a profile or anything but we challenged him and he informed me he featured as a joke which all guys look-up unusual stuff like this. He mentioned it actually was “just observe just what app was like” but that he is perhaps not gay or wondering in any way.

May be the whole ‘all dudes think of it’ thing true, must I believe your, or ought I attempt to communicate with him a little more about it? Type Of freaking aside and extremely mislead.”

Obviously, a lot of who taken care of immediately this lady question pointed out the almost-certain probability that even though their sweetheart isn’t homosexual, there can be a curiosity on his component that should be capable of being expressed openly.

“A directly guy is not likely to run near that app,” LoveLiveLearn had written. “He is inquisitive at checking out his sex. He May have used it, he may not have, but he is interested.”

Plus one homosexual man supplied this take from personal expertise:

“All the ‘straight’ men I’ve met hanging out on Grindr need at least been prepared to enjoy some sort of appreciation from a man, whatever the existence of a GF and even a wife. That I Am Aware of, none of my actual direct man buddies hold Grindr downloaded to their phone as a way to obtain amusement.”

In either case, we’dn’t suggest only “letting they get” and longing for the best. That knows, perhaps the most wonderful threesome of the lady lifetime might be beingshown to people there, or it might you should be time for you to accept are unmarried again.

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Patrick Crawford

Rob Laughlin

Bless her center. She must start ingesting.


If the guy doesn’t have a merchant account then it is probably that he’s merely interested in application so he downloaded they, checked it but forgot to erase it.

David Tillman

All guys should……

Petro Dance

Lmao Mwoww Cortez

Philip Epstein

We don’t need grinder and that I don’t must tinder so no he’s a liar

Nick Guida

yeah…everyone investigates homosexual porn lol

Charles Schultz

Dump the blank challenge resolved grindr on.

Keith Perdue

OK, I’m 63 & we dunno exactly what “Grndr” is…izzit sumthin related to sexual acts with a sub or exactly what?


Oh thus he’s some of those closeted kinds that nevertheless thinks he’s right. lol.

Christopher Hayward

Merely people like myself which have been bisexual together with two girlfriends. Yes, they knew and didn’t care and attention, i will be friends with both nonetheless. I never really had a grinder accounts but got enjoyable with one of my personal ex-boyfriends, yes they knew.My heart together each.

Rory P. Rentmeester

Lol. That’s very nearly competitive with the lady dropped from roof onto my personal dick.

Gerard Sikora

homosexual guy.. for the closet. lol

@Keith Perdue: I’m 68 and I also know very well what Grinder is actually. But I’ve never tried it. Don’t know if any person in my backward room would put it to use possibly.

Brian Johnson-Frazier

We don’t have one. I am not saying downloading free of charge STD onto my cellphone lol

Don Hanover

Douglas Schlitz

Good-luck with that !

That man’s gay and also in assertion

Nonato San-Chez

Hahaha the woman is dumb if she feels this


It’s just what she gets for snoopin on their cell. It’s their businesses and all things considered they’re not partnered. And so can you imagine he do find some cock unofficially? Most guys should get some dick following not be therefore influenced by some kunt crossing this lady thighs and cutting-off the pussy source just because she’s in a negative spirits that day.

Kevin Hurst

L Daniel Elizabeth Kaufman

Ahahaha! Wonderful Brian Johnson-Frazier!

Jeff Nichols

Lol, yeah that’s best


most of the right guys I know include surprised to understand there’s a homosexual ap analogous to Tinder, further amazed to find out which emerged initially, this features a relative point element and that in a few towns it’s like purchasing no-cost strike tasks distribution your accommodation.

David Chachki

Trevor McGee

Keith Perdue

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