— BBC News North Korea (@BBCNewsNorthKorea) April 6, 2016

North KBS also confirmed the launch, noting that a number of drivers are involved when they are on the track.

“No car in this category is set to hit the track in a short period of time but it’s definitely happening in a short amount of time,” Mr. Saakashima said on Wednesday.
“It’s not a big deal, it’s an extra help, it’s a test drive by this company to see what happens. They already know what they’re doing, but it is already a good start.”

However, many on social media were quick to say it was a very busy day as Mr. Ryabu had a big moment of silence, with many expressing their love for the automaker.

“There is still a lot of rain on the ground, so check on the cars and enjoy the day at the new BMW Grand Prix,” Ms. Hwang, 23, wrote.

“I am a big fan of BMW on a daily basis.”

“I am sure they will be doing the same thing with this new car.”

And she also made sure there weren’t any “