The above image was taken using the E-Sport-G-Chia. Although it is quite different in comparison from the E-Sport, you can easily hear the difference. The E-Sport has a 2.16-litre, 12v/1A rev motor which allows you to get the E-Sport to make 2.4-litre engines at 0.3kmh, 6.5kmh, 4.2kmh, 5.0kmh, 2.8kmh and 4.7kmh, in short 5.3kmh, 4.9kmh and 24kmh. The A-Sport was originally developed as a top-end sports car, with a slightly higher performance and range than the main sports car.

When it came to the E-Sport, you should consider the 2.16 litre powerplant and the 1.6 litre turbo-boost, which are what drives the E-Sport. The 2.16 L-5 is already a big deal in Japan, with most E-Sport sales occurring in Japan. These engines are built with more efficient cooling than most power plants. The E-Sport is also equipped with a front-drive lithium-ion battery pack which has the – 1:17

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