Apple MacBook Air (Late 2020, M1 Processor) Review: Intel and AMD, You Should Be Ashamed!

Apple MacBook Air (Late 2020, M1 Processor) Review: Intel and AMD, You Should Be Ashamed!

First there were years full of rumors, then an announcement in June. And now the time has come – we are testing the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air on Apple M1 processors. We are especially interested in the Air, which has the same M1 processor as the MacBook Pro, but it runs quietly thanks to passive cooling and is much cheaper. The most affordable configuration lowers the quality standard in only one respect – the integrated video processor. It has seven active cores instead of eight.

But Apple did not cut the clock speeds. Moreover, if performance is of the utmost importance, the full-fledged M1 is sold in more expensive Air configurations, paired with a larger storage capacity. By paying even more, you can get the M1 version with 16 gigabytes of internal RAM.

This question is important, because RAM cannot be replaced or expanded after purchase.

Of the many direct competitors of the new Air, several are produced by Apple itself. The 13-inch MacBook Pro will give you more performance under long loads with a fan. It also has a slightly better and brighter screen, a Touch Bar, and a more capacious battery at the price of a larger case. The second option is iPad when used with Magic Keyboard:

The fresh iPad Air 4 paired with the Magic Keyboard will take up less space in a traveler’s bag than the MB Air, but if you buy a tablet with 256GB of storage, the final price will be comparable to the MB Air. The second option is to buy a more expensive iPad Pro instead of the iPad Air, again with the Magic Keyboard. The third is to buy the most affordable iPad (just an iPad, without prefixes in the name) and a keyboard from Apple to it, however, it will not have a built-in touchpad.

It is worth remembering that all modern iPads are friends with a stylus, but MacBooks are not.

Competitors from the Windows world can be listed for days. We have a frequently updated list of laptops that can be purchased to replace the Apple MB Air. The most prominent of these is undoubtedly the Dell XPS 13.

Version 9310 comes with Intel Tiger Lake architecture processors.

The test Air was bought at a regular store with our own money. This is a basic build with a seven-core video processor, 256GB SSD, and 8GB of RAM. Body color – silver.

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MacBook Air 2020 M1 Entry.

Apple M1 Apple M1 7-Core GPU.

Subnotebook – 12/18/2020 – v7.

Design and features.

Why beat around the bush? The case is old, with exactly zero external differences from the MacBook Air (2020) on an Intel processor. All the differences are inside, under the hood. It is immediately striking how large this laptop has bezels.

In the Windows world, they have already been significantly reduced, the XPS 13 is ready to serve as an example. There is no touch screen in the new Apple product, despite the new Big Sur capabilities and compatibility with iOS applications. All the pluses of the aluminum case, which we have known for a long time, are also present, not only the minuses. It is very durable, high-quality to the touch and beautiful in its simplicity.

MacBook Air is not just considered a landmark in the world of laptops, its appearance is not without reason copied by all manufacturers, who are not lazy. Also, unlike MB Pro, there are no sharp edges here.

Important: The second MacBook Air of the two we bought for testing (the older build with an 8-core video processor and 512 GB of memory) has screen hinges squeaking when the angle is changed. This is not the case in the model we are discussing right now. It should be noted that we have never seen anything like this in Air laptops.

The new MacBook Air does not set any new standards in terms of size, which is immediately clear when compared with Windows competitors, which win both in terms of thinness and compactness of the case. Dell’s XPS 13 models look especially good.

Ports and communications.

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